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A Parish Plan, sometimes called a Community Plan, starts by identifying the unique features of an area and the needs of those living in it.  Individuals and interest groups within Neroche were asked what they would like to see happen in the future; what they valued and wished protected in the parish, and what changes and improvements they would like to happen
Everyone got the chance to have a say as to what went into the plan during a long consultation process.  Thus a parish plan came about in a completely different way from the usual planning affecting a community, which is usually decided from above by central or local government.
However, having a parish plan greatly strengthens the ability of the Neroche Parish Council to act on our behalf

What sort of issues does it cover? 
Anything that affects the parish and those living here.  It includes the natural environment, housing and planning, public transport, traffic and speeding, security and safety, communication within the parish, broadband and mobile phone reception, local business, playgroups, younger people, the elderly, leisure pursuits, footpaths and bridleways, the carbon footprint and biodiversity

How is a Parish Plan created?
There is a long consultation process which in our case took eighteen months.  This is because the whole community has to be given the chance to get involved.   Public meetings were held to find out people’s views, and working parties were formed to look more closely at specific issues that have been raised.  Details of the results of the consultation were fed back to the community, in our case by the Parish Magazine, the Parish Plan Newsletter and the Parish Plan website
The consultation process then lead to a questionnaire that went to every household in the parish with space for all members to add their view on issues.  The results were analysed and from this the Neroche Parish Plan was drawn up.  It is a written document that includes an Action Points that outline how the community, the Neroche Parish Council, local authorities and others can address the matters raised in the consultation process

The Neroche Parish Plan
The residents of Neroche Parish have developed a parish plan.  It is a plan for the future of Neroche Parish, designed to protect and enhance where we live and work, and to help overcome problems that need to be remedied

The plan was adopted by the Neroche Parish Council and a copy was distributed to households and businesses.  It was launched at a public meeting at Neroche Hall on Saturday 27th November 2010
Click here to see the Neroche Parish Plan.  It is 6MB so it may take a minute or so if you have slow broadband

Questionnaire Answers

Details of how the questionnaire was constructed, used and analysed may be found in the Methodology section (page 4) of the Neroche Parish Plan

Click here to see the results of the Questionnaire.  The figures and percentages shown are calculated from the answers of respondents living in the area administered by Neroche Parish Council (“Neroche Parish”).  The separate results for the individual parishes of Bickenhall, Curland, Orchard Portman with Thurlbear, and Staple Fitzpaine may be obtained on request from the Community Council for Somerset

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